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22nd-Feb-2010 05:12 am - COUGHING

*coughing* *coughing* and again *coughing* ~~
whts going on with this coughing @_@
whr th hell did i get it !! T^T
the problem is tht i'm not sick at all it just coughing :$
i know most of u will think "why don't u go to the hospital?"
Nah i can't there is nothing they will do for me especially in my condition *i'm Pregnant right now*
its looks like i will keep having some herbal medicines and having HOT drinks in the mean while :(

i want to share with u guys these chart tht show the progress of my pregnancy ^^

"to some particular ppl tht they know themselves i think i posted an entry as i promised n i will keep it *inshallah*" :P
18th-Mar-2009 01:05 pm(no subject)
35 mins n this class will be finish n i'll go home YAAAAAY ^^
even though the sir looks like he is talking with himself
i try 2 enjoy this moment *positive thinking* LOL
i truly didn't want to come to uni 2day
but at least this day was better than other days *can i say it like tht 'cuz this day didn't reach its end* :s
whatever lets go back to the lecture @_@"
Keep listen
Keep listen
Focus *_*

all the girls around me getting bored
n i start to discover new talents around me LOL

the remaind time is 30 mins of this lecture
n WOOOOH we finished the chapter @_____@
but still he keeps talking >_<"

17th-Mar-2009 03:46 pm(no subject)

i have POM ( Pruduction operation management)
n here I'm half sleep n half  wake trying so hard 2 figure wht the sir is taking about  @_@'
n the problem is tht his voice make me more sleepy
Oh how i wish 4 a cup of coffee ><"
i wanna go to home
i wanna go
i wanna go

6th-Mar-2009 08:39 pm - Keep Breathing !!

Not in the right mood 2day T^T

Its not my problem ..  ITS NOT 
even though the sad voice ringing in my ears .. wht i feel is much sadder T^T
 like a hummer knocking my head .. ur criticisms r like hummer .. WITHOUT STOP 
i know who am i 
i know who am i 

Can't u accept me as i am !!

Gazette ~DLN~

I knew it from the beginning. So I'm not sad.
Little by little, little by little. It's as counting numbers.

The colors of dying plants get blurred. I don't find out the end of a season.

The day, which traces footsteps, reads the day, which listens to footprints
It is common that I cannot change tomorrow if I don't have any wishes.

I follow the sound of dying plants. And I feel the end of a season.
When the flowers are blooming, what will be left on my hand?

The moon closes the curtain. But the sun shines on me.
I knew it from the beginning. So I'm not sad.

Even if I wake up and the night doesn't end. And even if there are no shiny stars there.
Even if the all lights in the town vanish...
I saw enough of the happy face of the one I should protect and the end of the one I loved.
So I am satisfied with it.

--> These lyrics is the best wht i can think as a replay for them :(


14th-Feb-2009 10:04 pm(no subject)

sometimes u reach ur limit n no one cares
sometimes u hate ur name n ur ears screaming when hearing it from pain
sometimes u search for a place where the dead silent lay
smetimes with a simle on ur face n a happy mood , Tears falling to show ur truly face
sometimes u want 2 scream BUT u find ur mouth sealed  


"This is my FAITH .. I should accept it !!"
SLOWLY // GUNTLY ---> my dream start to Break!! 


9th-Jan-2009 02:29 pm(no subject)

It been a while since i had this profile
i didn't post any entry in LJ n this is my first 1
i don't know wht 2 write or wht 2 talk about  ~BUT~
i'll try 2 post from time 2 time ^_^

Nice 2 meet u all XD

PS: Thanx 2 Kyunai i have a wonderful Header
Kyu Arigatu guzaimus *BOW*
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